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Cat Hotel in Phuket Common Questions

What is a cat hotel?

A cat hotel is a specialized facility where cats can enjoy comfortable accommodations, personalized care, and dedicated play areas while their owners are away.

Do cats get stressed in a cat hotel?

Our trained staff and comfortable accommodations aim to minimize stress. We prioritize creating a calm and relaxing environment for all our feline guests.

Can I visit the Lazy Cat Hotel before booking?

Certainly! We welcome all visits. It's an excellent opportunity to see our space and discuss your cat's needs with us.

Is my cat safe in your hotel?

Absolutely! We prioritize your cat's safety and well-being. Our facility is equipped with secure enclosures, 24/7 surveillance, and staff trained in cat care. Please visit our Safety & Hygiene page.

Do I get updates on my cat?

Yes, we send twice-daily photos and videos on Line to update you on your cat's activities and well-being during their stay.

How do I make a reservation?

Making a reservation at Lazy Cat Hotel in Phuket is easy. Simply choose the desired room type and dates on our website, pay a 50% deposit, and you're all set.

The remaining balance can be settled on the drop-off day. Please read our Booking Process.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

We understand plans change. If you need to cancel your reservation at Phuket Lazy Cat Hotel, please do so at least 15 days before your cat's arrival for a full deposit refund. Please read our Cancelation Policy.

Can I extend my cat's stay if needed?

Of course! If you'd like to extend your cat's stay Phuket Lazy Cat Hotel, let us know in advance. We'll do our best to accommodate your request based on room availability.

How do I prepare my cat for a cat hotel in Phuket?

To prepare your cat, 

  • ensure they are up-to-date on vaccinations 
  • they don't have a transmissible disease
  • flea prevention drops (regularly or at least 2 days before arrival)
  • dewormed recently
  • trim their nails
  • pack their essentials and familiar items. A comforting toy or blanket can help them feel more at ease.

What vaccinations does my cat need?

To ensure a healthy environment for all guests, your cat should be up-to-date with Rabies, Leukemia, and Measles vaccinations.

Please bring your cat's vaccination certificate on the day of arrival. You can read more information about the Vaccination Requirements of Lazy Cat Hotel in Phuket.

What should I bring when dropping off my cat?

Bring your cat's vaccination record, a copy of your ID card/passport, cat food or snacks, a familiar toy or blanket, and any other items your cat enjoys.

Should I bring food and water bowls?

No, you don't need to bring food and water bowls. Each cat room is equipped with a ceramic food and water bowl.

However, you can bring your cat's bowls if you prefer. Read more about our Cat Hotel’s Room Amentities.

Is food included in the price?

No, food is not included in the price. You should bring your cat's regular food. However, we offer food at an additional charge per cat per day.

Is cat litter included in the price?

Yes, cat litter is provided and included in the price of your cat's stay.

Is cat brushing included in the price?

No, cat brushing is not included. We offer to brush at an additional charge per cat per day.

How much space will my cat get?

Our rooms are designed to provide ample space for your cat's comfort. Each room includes a cozy sleeping area and a designated play space. Please check our cat room types for room dimensions.

How close will my cat be to other cats?

Each cat has their own dedicated room to ensure their comfort and safety. They won't be close to unfamiliar cats.

Do you socialize cats that don't know each other?

No, we do not socialize cats that haven't met before to ensure their comfort and safety.

How much human interaction will my cat get?

Our staff at Lazy Cat Hotel in Phuket provides daily care, playtime, and interaction with each cat to ensure they receive the attention and love they deserve.

How clean are the cat suites?

We maintain high cleanliness standards. Cat condos are cleaned regularly, ensuring a hygienic and pleasant environment.

Please read more information about our Safety & Hygiene protocols and processes.

What if my cat gets sick during their stay?

If your cat falls ill, we'll notify you immediately and arrange a visit to the vet if needed. As per the hospital bill, you will cover veterinary care expenses.

Can I pick up my cat after 6 PM?

Please pick up your cat by 17:00 to avoid disturbing other cats. If your cat is not picked up by 5 PM, an extra fee per hour will be charged until 8 PM. After 8 PM, an extra night's stay fee will be applied.

What happens if I don't pick up my cat on time?

If your cat is not picked up at the agreed-upon time and no new arrangements are made, we'll consider them abandoned. We take this matter seriously and will pursue legal action as needed.

What constitutes abandoning a cat, and what actions will be taken?

If a cat is not picked up within 24 hours of the agreed-upon pick-up time and no new arrangements are made, we consider the cat abandoned.

Legal action will be pursued. Please make sure to read thoroughly our Terms & Conditions.

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